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5 Star Vacuums


  • Eight Vacuum Stations for your convenience

  • 4 High Suction Vacs

  • 2 Combo Vac / Shampoo Machines

  • 2 Combo Vac / Fragrance Machines

  • Vending also available on Site

  • LED Lighting at night for 24/7 convenience

  • Regularly Serviced 

  • Only $1 to start

Free Vacuum Time:

  • If you purchased an Automatic Wash that comes with free vacuum time you simply enter the code on your receipt into any of our vacuums to start.


Using a Credit Card for Vacuums:

  • While all of our vacuums take quarters and dollar coins. You can also use your credit card.

  • To do this, you need to swipe your card at our auto-teller change machine (between the two automatic washes). Select the option to print a flex code. You will then enter this code into the vacuums as many times as needed.

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